MySQL vs PostgreSQL is one of the never-ending wars in the RDBMS world. This article will help you to choose the best fit for your use case.

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Why Amazon Aurora?

As the first post of this analysis series, I’m analyzing overall crime rate change, House Break and Theft in Sri Lanka during 2010–2018.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Data Collection and Cleansing

from tabula import convert_intoconvert_into("distribution_of_grave_crime_abstract_for_the_year_2014.pdf",        "distribution_of_grave_crime_abstract_for_the_year_2014.csv", pages="all")

Overall Crime Rate

Dependency management

TLS v1.1, v1.0 Deprecation by PyPI servers

Syslog-ng : Kafka source

Vithulan MV

Computer Science Engineer

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